Monster: Corg Cretin

Corg cub

This small creature stands roughly a foot and a half tall. It’s got big googly eyes, a very heavy head, and a mouth full of jagged, raggedy teeth. It converses in a broken cockney accent, though it’s clearly licking its lips at the prospect of eating your legs.

A Corg Cretin is a low ranking member of the Corg Underworld that exists in most major cities outside of the Crag. Cretins are the bottom tier enforcers of the Corg Underworld and thus often fight amongst themselves or attempt to earn a bit of extra silver by mugging and mauling unsuspecting pedestrians. They are relatively weak, and very stupid in general; but like all Corg they can pose a serious threat if they need to.

Health: 3 Melee Skill: 4 Ranged Skill: 3
Str Ag Int End Cha Spt
20 20 10 15 15 10
Skills: Sneak +5 Steal +5 Perception +5

Bite – 1d3 Damage, Melee.
Latch On – If the Cretin rolled a 10 on a Bite and it dealt damage, the Corg Cretin is considered to be latched on. The Cretin automatically deals a bite attack each turn without needing to roll to hit unless he is knocked off (an Easy Strength, Agility, or Endurance Test, or dealing 2 damage will knock it off). While latched on, the Cretin cannot dodge.

Treasure: A Corg Cretin is likely not to have anything of value on it. That’s generally why it attacks. A Corg Cretin may have a decorative (if ratty and dilapidated) hat, or a Medal of Prowess (made out of a bottle-cap and a dead fish) which is generally of no value outside of anyone who isn’t a small Corg (and even then, they’d sooner make their own).

If you simply must have some loot gained from a Corg, roughly 1d3 Silver Coins per group.

Monster: Corg Cretin

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