Monster: Orc Bonebreaker

Orc fighter

This Orc is roughly 5 feet tall, with a huge gut, a snot-ridden pig nose, and nasty tusks. He wears a pair of leather pants with a big belt and an even bigger belt buckle on. He has a turtle for a pauldron, a swordfish on his back, and a sawfish at the ready. The Orc lets out a booze-drenched burp before declaring: “I’ll fight anyone of you son-of-a-wampugs!”."

An Orc Bonebreaker is a typical ruffian sort of criminal who enjoys beating the crap out of anyone who looks at him funny. Though far from accurate, due to beady eyes and a belly full of alcohol, the Bonebreaker is notable for his durability and his gusto when it comes to violence.

Health: 18 Melee Skill: 3 (4 if Unarmed) Ranged Skill: 2
Str Ag Int End Cha Spt
25 10 10 25 15 10
Skills: Dodge +5 Intimidation +5 Perception +5

Club – Melee, 1d6 + 1 Damage.
Swordfish – Melee. 1d6 + SB + 1 Damage. Two-handed.
Unarmed – 1d3 + SB + 1. +1 to Melee Skill when Fighting Unarmed.

Powerful Blow – + 1 to Damage Rolls. (Accounted For Above)
Brawler – + 1 to Melee Skill when Fighting Unarmed, and +SB to Damage when fighting unarmed. (Accounted For Above).

Treasure: The Orc Bonebreaker likely has some treasure to his name, as one doesn’t become a bonebreaker without breaking some bones and looting whoever was broken. The Orc Bonebreaker likely carries 1d6 Silver Coins in “walking around money”, as well as 1d3 stolen goods (which would make whoever lost them happy), and his weapons. Though all but Orcs would have a hard time using a Swordfish properly, as it requires a perfect Orcish grip.

Monster: Orc Bonebreaker

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